1. Make a personal commitment and do the work to connect with and surrender yourself completely to ALOHA
  2. Learn about, then become aware of and work with your habitual thinking, speaking, & acting at all times
  3. Purify yourself of non-virtuous thoughts, words, and acts through virtuous service to others without judgment or hesitation
  4. Study the unconditioned truth of ALOHA
  5. Follow Guidance that arises from ALOHA
  6. Be grateful for everything
  7. Allow ALOHA to do Its work

The journey to letting ALOHA live you is a profound inner experience. It is individual, simple, challenging, unexpected, wondrous, expanding, and, according to our conceptual mind, complete madness.

Though the journey is an individual experience, one can train for it in a group and it is highly advised to have an experienced and knowledgable guide – spiritual friend or sherpa, if you will – along the way to help get over rocky mountains, cross turbulent rivers, and move forward when the path has been worn away.

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