“The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA is a unique approach to meditation that incorporates learning to live the premise of “Aloha” from Hawaiian culture. Although there are many excellent methods or initiation courses to guide one through the basics of meditation, I found Kit Kanohoaloha Wynkoop’s gentle and patient manner of teaching to be very encouraging and inclusive of all student levels. 

His melange of Tibetan and Hawaiian cultural values adds a rich and universal experience to the practice that transcends time and place.
In the Hawaiian tradition our gratitude and willingness to flow with all that we encounter in life is an expression of Aloha. Joining other likeminded seekers in the calm and heartfelt atmosphere of The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA helps one to maintain and live in accordance with the growing sense of awareness that is developed through meditation practice. This is living Aloha. And that is priceless.”

~Kilohana Silve

“As teacher and student, Kit offers as much as he receives. Through his gentle guidance toward a center of balance, faith, and fulfillment, Kit’s soft touch and melodic voice is a bright warm light in a world that sometimes feels dark and cold. In all the years that I have known Kit, I’ve never seen him more at home and comfortable with himself and his journey. It is clear to me that he has found, and is fully embracing, his purpose and passion, and I am grateful and blessed by the grace of his finding.” 

~Ted Wiga

“Kit is a natural teacher and exemplifies his Hawaiian name: The Place Where Love Resides. I have no doubt that anyone who spends time with Kit will benefit from his loving kindness, experience, and deeply insightful teaching style. Don’t misjudge him; he’s ahead of his time.”

~Pat Masters (2014)

“Kit’s teaching style comes from a balanced place of gentle and direct. His knowledge of the teachings and his experienced guidance gave me permission and confidence to look at how my mind works – free of fear of what I might find – toward uncovering who I really am. From this course, I gained the courage to live authentically from compassion and kindness – skills that suite my role as a community leader.”

~Daniel DePaolo

I found Kit’s Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA course when I was in transition — I had just moved to O’ahu from California; I had left my company and I felt like I was in the wilderness. I was seeking inner stillness as well as a deeper connection to the islands. Aloha was a new concept to me, but I was intrigued.

I find that our weekly sittings and teachings are the highlights of my week. I always have the most amazing, peaceful days following our sessions. Kit does an incredible job of relating his teachings to the daily life of the layperson while also reminding us how connected we are to Source and Aloha. I’m already nervous about what I’ll do when the program ends, since it has become such an anchor for my life!

~Tracy Lawrence

“In the past, I tried a couple of times to start a regular meditation practice. I tried it with online courses, books, audios etc. but always on my own because I thought there is no need for a teacher to learn how to sit down and breathe. Now, I know better.

If you are really serious about getting the full value of meditation and not just sitting down for a while to give your ego time, space and a chance to finally just concentrate on it’s thinking, I highly recommend a teacher. I couldn’t imagine a better one than Kit. He is great and I am so grateful that he accompanies me on my journey. I finally understand the true meaning of meditation and, thanks to The Path, I’m happy to say it is transforming my daily life.

When we meet once a week on zoom the setting does not feel like a classroom with students and teachers meeting but like a gathering of friends. It is such a joy to listen to the wisdom Kit has gained and to the stories he shares of his own journey ;o) I always look forward to the class and if I have questions or somethings comes up during the week, I can contact and talk with him. I feel very comfortable to share everything with him – my light and my shadows, because I know he won’t judge.

If you choose to seek refuge from your ego and reconnect with your heart, you will be in very good hands if Kit is with you. Be ready to dive deep like the roots of a lotus; for when you get through the mud, you can blossom and your true self will shine bright.”

~Tina Ziegler

“I first met Kit when I moved to Oʻahu in 2009. The newness of the islands made me feel shy, and Kit was kind to put me at ease with his reassuring friendliness.  Then Kit moved to the mainland to deepen his practice in the Shambala teachings. Being a yoga instructor and Tantra coach, I was intrigued by his choice. When he returned to Honolulu, we reunited and I started taking meditation lessons with Kit via The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA.

I had studied different kinds of meditation before, but Kit has a user-friendly way of explaining seemingly complex concepts in simple terms. His lessons are so well planned that I never feel overburdened with too much information. I have grown excited to learn new ways to see myself – and the world – especially through the pervasiveness of Aloha about which Kit helped me understand then experience. His course is definitely the highlight of my week. I am encouraging the people I work with to study with Kit because he is that good at making meditation and Aloha accessible.”

~Matt Meko

“Studying with Kit has been an enriching and uplifting experience. Kit is an extraordinary teacher who offers a wealth of knowledge, profound wisdom, and personal experience. He presents The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA with clarity and passion. One thing I particularly appreciate is he encourages and challenges his students to maintain curiosity, critical intelligence, and commitment to self reflection. Kit creates a supportive learning environment that is free of judgment and imbued with humor & empathy towards oneself & others.”

~ Bibiana Potter

“Wow. Just wow. Kit has opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing the world, myself, and how to effectively deal with difficult situations & emotions. I feel empowered and like I have a new lease on life. I’m free – again! Thank you!”

~Ryan Kalama (2009)

“I’ll never forget the day I met Kit: It was 2007 and his first day working at the non-profit that I was employed at. I was immediately drawn to this local haole boy because of his positivity, nurturing energy and an undeniable light that shines from within his naʻau (heart-mind).

While his friendship and tutelage has helped me discover how to use mindfulness to manage my stress, one of the most important gifts that mindfulness has given me is the ability to guide myself through an asthma attack. For me an asthma attack leads to panic and then an anxiety which further escalates the inability to manage my breathing.

Mindfulness has taught me to settle my mind, calm my nerves and “just be.” The steps that I take to be mindful of what is actually happening helps me slow down my mind and my breathing which leads me out of an asthma attack.

Through our friendship I have also been blessed to see how to live a life of ALOHA intentionally. Kit practices Hawaiian values that are the cornerstones of ALOHA: living a balanced life; being kind to others around him; practicing humility; and being patient with others as they begin & continue on their journey through meditation & mindfulness.

My friendship with Kit has helped me to be a better and healthier person.”

~Celia Kahealani Chang Takahashi

“Kit has been a meditation inspiration to me for years, since sitting with him in small groups nearly a decade ago. His approach is one of sincerity, humor, and gentle nudges towards awakening. Having been through several retreats in the past, and plodding through my own meditation practice, I appreciate his friendly, non-judgmental approachability, combined with the constant reminder that Aloha is always available, should we but choose to honor it. Through his Zoom classes, his guidance is more accessible than ever. I’ve never been so consistent with my meditation practice, and finally feel like it has become a part of my life.”

~Joe Dallin

“I am honored to write a testimonial regarding Kit Wynkoop and his teaching of The Path of Meditation That Leads to Living ALOHA.

Kit radiates passionately ALOHA, as he teaches and encourages gently with humor and humility each lesson.  He shares in a calm, clear voice, his extensive wisdom and personal experiences gathered over his many years of training and practice with teachers from around the world. This wisdom is shared verbally and through valuable readings and videos.

During our sessions, he encourages dialogue and sharing of our thoughts and understanding of the lesson. This is particularly helpful, allowing me to reflect deeper on my feelings and reactions in life.

I encourage you to study with this very knowledgeable, loving Soul! You will be very glad you spend your time in his presence!”

~Pat Bilyk