There are many ways you can help Spread ALOHA with your motivation, skills, and time. Please contact us directly if you feel moved to help in any of these or other ways.

Become a Teacher of The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA

The intention of this teacher training program is to bring the skills and knowledge learned in the course to people and organizations so they can bring it to those they serve.

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Become an Interpreter or Translator

Program participants include people who live in countries other than the U.S. and often who do not speak English fluently or at all. If you speak a language fluently other than English and wish to help people who speak that language understand the spoken or written information offered in a course or program, please let us know by completing this form.

We will contact you to let you know we received your interest and let you know the next time we need someone with your language skill(s).

Become an Umdze

At some in-person or online programs, an Umdze is required. The Umdze leads chanting and keeps time for the meditation sessions. It’s an enjoyable position that embodies confidence and grace. Training in all aspects of being an Umdze is included.

Help Spread the Word

Getting the word out about our mission can help us reach more people – and that’s what our funders are all about. If you have any marketing skills that include social and traditional media, let’s talk! And if you just want to spread the word to your network of friends, by all means. We appreciate it – mahalo!

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