Most people today are living their lives stuck on hold. Is it any wonder that so many individuals seem so quick to anger and rage? This is because, as a wise person once phrased it, people are leading lives of “quiet desperation.”

There are, of course, many reasons why people would feel desperate and frustrated. However, the common denominator in almost all of these factors is that there is little, if any, improvement in their lives. A person seems to be held at a certain place in life and cannot seem to break free of it to move on. So many human beings lead lives that appear to be an endless repeat of the same misery, day in and day out. People will give you all sorts of reasons why they can’t seem to move on from where they currently are. Some of the reasons they give are lack of education, family responsibilities, health, lack of money, a personal relationship, and the like.

In reality, such a person’s plight is in their state of mind rather than their outer circumstances. It is the old and very true example of the pessimist seeing a glass half empty, while the optimist views the same glass as half full. In the pessimist’s consciousness they may indeed fear that they cannot release what is holding them back. Yet, the truth is that it is all a matter of consciousness or what they have accepted in their own mind.

The mental state of a person who looks upon their life pessimistically is ruled by the illusions of their personal ego. In such a frame of mind, there is an attitude of limitation, as these individuals view themselves as inadequate. This is why the reasons given previously, such as a lack of education, health, financial means, and so on, are accepted.

Even many people who study the deeper truth teachings of the spiritual reality of unlimited potential are held back because they have accepted those teachings intellectually, but not in their hearts or the very core of their being. That is why it states in the Book of Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It is more a question of what you really believe deep down in the heart of consciousness within you that really matters.

This is why deeper Eastern forms of meditation that allow you to actually experience spiritual reality should be such a vital part of life. Such experiences demonstrate to the conscious mind that it is part of a larger Universal Consciousness that is unlimited. Such inner experience proves to the conscious mind that a person has it literally within them—in their own mind—to be able to release themselves and move on to something better.

The main reason people don’t change is fear of the unknown, or the fear that if they do change, it might result in even greater negativity. Rather than risking what they see in their own mind as the possibility of things getting even worse, they choose to stay in their current misery. The fear of change is an integral part of the personal ego that has accepted limitation. Breaking out of the mental chains of the personal ego is all-important in being able to find release from any current frustration that seems to be holding you back.

Change is a natural spiritual law. As you go through life, being part of positive change on an ongoing basis is walking the spiritual steps, or moving with the flow of Universal Life, which is about moving with the mental rhythms [of consciousness], or being part of consciousness. When your life becomes part of the flow of consciousness, you have the wisdom, will, and creativity of the universe supporting you in constantly moving beyond the relative present and whatever seems to be blocking you.

Contacting higher spiritual consciousness within yourself through meditation opens your mind to being [one with consciousness]. This gives you the mental perspective to see beyond the illusionary blockages of any present condition, so that you may travel an open mental road that is filled with opportunities.

Consciousness within you is ready at all times to step up to your awake mind and guide you. Until you allow consciousness to guide you, you will continue to live under the directorship of your personal ego and its sense of limitation. Those limitations will give you a sense of inadequacy with which to face the present in your life, and thus will keep you held back from moving forward and progressing.

To totally release all sense of limitation caused by your personal ego, totally release your personal ego. It is your personal ego that gives birth to all ideas in your mind that would make you seem to be inadequate in moving forward. Release your entire personal ego, for it is all the components, or beliefs, of your personal ego that are holding you back.

Be thankful for the lessons learned that produced good in your life, but be ready to move on and apply such wisdom to new experiences. Know that the consciousness wishes you to move forward, for movement and change are natural laws of life.

This edited text was excerpted from Dr. Paul Leon Masters’ “The Theocentric Way of Life,” Volume 5: Module 54.

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