“Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.”

~Stephen R. Covey

If we hadn’t seen it before, this pandemic and current politics have made it glaringly clear that we need a new paradigm of thinking in the world; one that is focussed on humanity and the care of our planet.

Leadership is defined in many ways but what is commonly held is that we are each leaders; leaders in our families, among our friends, at our workplace, and in our communities.

According to countless native cultures and philosophies around the globe, the problem with the world is that humans have lost their connection with the underlying consciousness, intelligence, and life-force energy of our universe.

In Hawaiʻi, this is called ALOHA. 

“ALOHA is the word my kupunas (elders) attributed to the Universe. ALOHA is the Universe.”

~Pilahi Paki

This claim will sound mad to some but it has been proven by many that, by reconnecting with inherent qualities long dormant in each of us, we can regain our connection with ALOHA and live from that place in the world.

By living from ALOHA, we awake to truth and work with the power of life itself in making lasting positive change.

“The world will turn to Hawaiʻi as they search for peace because Hawaiʻi has the key; and that key is ALOHA.”

~Pilahi Paki

To get there, we must train in ways that uncover our inherent qualities and prepare us to lead the world toward a bright future. Hoʻi ka Hā offers its groundbreaking course, The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA, toward this very end. Why meditation? Pono Shim explains why here.

There are two tracks to The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA:

Individuals who are seeking personal change toward bringing balance back into their lives; gaining confidence in their true selves; and reconnecting with the true nature of reality; thereby bringing care & compassion for all sentient beings & the planet as well as becoming leaders within their families, network of friends, workplace, and communities. 

Native Hawaiian community leaders, nonprofit staff, and leaders for social change who wish to maintain well-being and effectiveness during times of adversity; remain focussed on their aim; and learn new ways how to use their skills, talents, and influence to make a positive impact within their communities and organizations.

Anchored in ALOHA, the practice of mindfulness-awareness meditation, science, the Shambhala teachings, and Tibetan Buddhist psychology, this course is specifically designed to teach skills for greater clarity and resilience, improved situational awareness, better decision making, work/life integration, and superior leadership cognizance.

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