• Hoʻi ka Hā

    Breathing Life Back Into

Arising in 2019, Hoʻi ka Hā is the heart-child of Kit Kanohoaloha Wynkoop. It is the product of his past research and continued learning toward understanding the true nature of reality and life on Earth.

Since the age of nine, Kit sought Universal Truth. To find it, he delved into, investigated, researched, studied, and often was initiated into many of the world’s belief systems, including:

Catholicism; Born Again Christianity; Hawaiian spirituality & Hoʻoponopono; the mystic beliefs of Christianity & Judaism; the magic philosophy of Aleister Crowley; the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and Edgar Casey; the Koran; Hinduism; the shaman practices of the Ainu (Japan), Diné (Navajo), Siksikáwa (Blackfoot), and Afro-Caribbean Santaria; Metaphysics; New Age spiritualism; Wicca; Quantum Physics; Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism.

Out of these experiences, The Path of Meditation that Leads to Living ALOHA arose. The Path is a groundbreaking year-long course that offers teachings from many of the traditions above which guide individuals to have their own experiences that open one to alignment with and living ALOHA.


To provide a home for teachings and guidance that support people who wish to make this offering a habit: obtain oneness free of duality; let thoughts be at ease; let emptiness be the anchor to oneness; be with the breath until complete union with ALOHA. 

We believe it is the cultivation and integration of these guiding principles that lead one to understand, appreciate, and love themselves; thereby, guiding one’s thoughts, words, and actions toward creating peace and harmony for all sentient beings and the planet and, as a result, bringing one into alignment with unlimited abundance, health, and joy.

We provide a home for and foster a community that acts as a bridge for anyone to feel safe in learning how to make change within their own life and be of benefit to others. Toward this end, we offer a path of study and practice that is anchored in ALOHA, indigenous cultures, mindfulness-awareness meditation, quantum physics, the Shambhala teachings, and Tibetan Buddhist psychology.


We believe the daily practices of loving-kindness, compassion, and equanimity have a profound impact on humanity toward caring for all sentient beings and the planet which, as a result, bring one into alignment with unlimited abundance, health, and joy.

We believe that all paths have value and lead to the same end. 

Our intention is to provide an accepting and open space where people from all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, belief systems, and cultures can come together to build a peaceful community based in ALOHA and, by doing so, encourage others to do the same.


When the time is right, we aspire to have a physical home where people can gather for these offerings in Honolulu – Hale Pilialoha (home of those one in ALOHA) – while continuing to serve online.

We also aspire to teach the teachers to spread the message within their communities that returning to live ALOHA is possible – even in these materialistic times – and that by doing so one is brought into alignment with unlimited abundance, health, and joy.

Won’t you join us? All time zones are invited.

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