• Hoʻi ka Hā

    Breathing Life Back Into

Hoʻi ka Hā is a fiscally managed program of Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network (HCAN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID 94-3257650).

Arising in 2019, Hoʻi ka Hā – the heart-child of Kit Kanohoaloha Wynkoop – is a contemporary school of ancient knowledge for mature seekers that serves as a beacon of Truth in this world. ALOHA is the natural state of Being. All that Hoʻi ka Hā offers is in service to those who deeply aspire for liberation from the grip of ego identity to live, once again, as their true nature: ALOHA.

Hoʻi ka Hā is entirely dedicated to the complete reconnection with ALOHA. It is a beacon that shares ancient teachings from around the world through live online and in-person courses that point to how to awaken to the reality of ALOHA as the living presence, joy and power pervading all life. Hoʻi ka Hā brings timeless wisdom and the spirit of ALOHA directly to each person who shows up, regardless of where they may find themselves.

Kit’s guidance is infused with the shared wisdom and power of 22 belief systems which teach that our true nature is one with the pure awareness that is the unified field of ALOHA. Awakening to our real nature does not mean we are to acquire something new, but rather that we must discover within ourselves that which is timelessly pure and in harmony with Source Energy. Therefore, there is no need to renounce one’s family, worldly duties, ambitions, religion or any other human expression.


Our mission is to employ Universal Truths and Ancient Wisdom Traditions to foster personal/professional transformation in people toward living ALOHA (embodying empathy, compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness).

The more we live ALOHA, the more we experience peace & harmony. The more we experience peace & harmony, the more we treat ourselves with kindness & compassion. The more we treat ourselves with kindness & compassion, the more we treat others and the planet with kindness & compassion. This forms the basis of working together cooperatively – free of ego – on any issue that is for the highest good of all sentient beings and the planet.


“The world turns to Hawaiʻi as they search for peace because Hawaiʻi has the key; and that key is ALOHA.” ~ Aunty Pilahi Paki


When the time is right, we aspire to have a physical home where people can gather for these offerings in Honolulu – Hale Pilialoha (home of those one in ALOHA) – while continuing to serve online.

We also aspire to teach the teachers who wish to spread the message within their communities that returning to live ALOHA is possible – even in these materialistic times – and that by doing so, one is brought into alignment with unlimited abundance, harmony, joy, love, peace, and wellbeing.


In order to maintain a safe refuge for meditative practice and contemplative experience, we join together in living by a code of ethics during our time at any program produced by Hoʻi ka Hā. This code of ethics applies to all teachers, presenters, program staff, service and location providers, retreat participants, guests, residents, and volunteers.

© Copyright - Hoʻi ka Hā. Hoʻi ka Hā is a fiscally managed program of Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network (HCAN), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID 94-3257650).