• The Awakening Your Light Body course offers a unique path of awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing the truth of your being.

You are invited to further awaken your light body and experience higher, expanded states of consciousness that take you beyond thought into direct experiences of beingness. This is one of the most powerful trainings in growth and transformation that are offered. Thousands of people are awakening their light bodies using the processes and energies transmitted in this course.

As you further awaken your light body, you will learn how to transmute less harmonious energies into positive ones and use the energy around you to go even higher. You will learn how to work with the subtle energies, observe emotions, stay centered, release stuck energy, and respond with love & compassion. Your light body opens doorways to the higher realms of existence. It assists you in opening your channel upward and connecting with the Universal Mind of ALOHA. 

The Awakening Your Light Body training was developed by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer as transmitted by their teachers Orin and DaBen. It is being offered in Hawaiʻi by Kit as six weekly in-person classes plus 18 audio journeys recorded by Kit’s teacher, Isabel Rosenthal, to aid in going deeper in the journeys while at home. You will receive transmissions and written material that will lead you to awaken your light body.  

This is a step-by-step training that will assist you in experiencing higher states of consciousness; flowing emotions; and heightened creativity. The result will bring a greater awareness of subtle energies; the higher dimensions; higher beings; your authentic mind-stream; and oneness with ALOHA. 

There are no requirements to participate in this training other than a willingness to practice, be playful & inventive, and make a commitment to your inner growth. Awakening your light body is compatible with and can strengthen & deepen your experience of any spiritual practice or belief you may currently have.

The Six In-Person Sessions:

  1. Building Your Power Base – This training assists you in awakening your first three vibrational energy body centers that form the light body power base which enhances the ability to stay calm and centered around other people’s energy as well as increases the ability to feel at ease physically, and to relax physically.
  2. Opening Your Heart Center – Continuing to awaken your light body centers, this one will help you experience greater peace, emotional flow, bliss, love, physical vitality, and compassion. Transform your experience of food and learn to shift muscle pain. Talk to your inner healer, learn how to set a healing space for others, and learn more about remote healing.
  3. Activating Your Higher Energy Centers – Activate your higher centers to illuminate your mind. Link with the Universal Mind – ALOHA – to experience more creative, positive, expanded thoughts and focused awareness, find new solutions, and have fresh insights. Learn to tame your thoughts and mind chatter. Rewrite your past to create a higher future.
  4. Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies – Use your awakened centers to experience various states of consciousness. Feel energized and enhance your inner vision & psychic abilities. Open your channel to a guide and your Higher Self. Reprogram your DNA for spiritual evolution. Work with things as energy to create abundance and improve your life.
  5. Awakening Your Light Body – Learn the light body centers that take you into states of joy, peace, clarity, and feelings that are beautiful beyond words. Meet the energy of the earth and connect with the energy of loved ones. Become a source of light and learn how to transmit that light. Clear and purify your aura. Breathe with the universe and experience Oneness.
  6. Becoming Radiant – As you awaken the light body center that brings in light from higher dimensions, you will be taking an evolutionary leap, and your personal power, ability to change your environment, positively affect others, and exist in higher states of consciousness will increase.

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